mercredi 23 novembre 2016

her butt

Cyprine's texture needed some tweaking under her butt, she can now proudly show off - not that she didnt before.

lundi 21 novembre 2016

Owen's new girlfriend

Please meet Marianne

She's still in chrysalis but i've got an idea on where she'll spread her wings.

also, I've found it !
Calice original tail belonged to Jezebeth unfortunatly changes to the store makes the product unavailable - and i've scrubed my archive, i must have ditched that old model without paying attention.
So Calice will definitly need to use a new tail. But while i'm at it i'll revamp her whole shapchanging succubus body & try to see where she fits in my lil multiverse.

in other news, ill add a bunch more questions and maybe some images to the stripMe game & try to ship it cheap to the usual marketplace.

samedi 19 novembre 2016