vendredi 14 octobre 2016

2nd set

After much trying things out i think i finally found want i want for the 2nd set of the strip-me mini game. Takes place in the girls bedroom that i've fleshed out (pun pun) a lil more.

jeudi 29 septembre 2016

slow month

So there was this article published on Letagparfait. At the time of the QnA with Le Serbe, i did a few images of the *interview* that had remained unpublished. here they go:

dimanche 25 septembre 2016


So the computer cooling thingy died for good. 1 month went by & i was sorely missing the machine, the girls & the works.
But we're back, piecing the 2nd (toy) ending and figuring out the setting of the second image set.