dimanche 6 août 2017

the Future

the next projects in the pipes are White Out and seriously tackling the ue4 game i have in mind.

White Out will have to remain mysterious until release. For one thing, it will keep you guessing and allow you to discover the set fresh. On the other hand, it will teach me to withhold my drafts and deliver something more polished.
That doesnt mean i wont be posting things, it just wont be White Out :)

The ue4 project, tentatively called Times Again, is a sci-fi space station sim, with dating and sex, management and roleplay elements and... well, thats the idea - now i may be biting off more than i can chew there so i'll try to pace myself and see what i can do with what little i know of ue4.

Once i get some playable framework, ill be posting it for my patreons to test.
TA setting has humanity spread in the solar system and the player in charge of a remote space station. Distance and isolation have reshaped how humans view each other (when the next living body is light years from you). Androids may be the perfect sex toys, but wouldnt the space dwellers crave for that human touch ?

So there you have the very 1st premise of TA. Questions, comments, suggestions are all welcome !

jeudi 20 juillet 2017


what started as a doodle with Faunette meeting a dryad...

ended up with just a dryad

dimanche 16 juillet 2017


please, meet Blue

She was doodled a while ago when an electric shortage erased her (and a very late & long session where i forgot to save *sigh*) - but i got her to come back.

NieR, Akiba's Trip (game and the anime) must have had some influence on her shape & choice of hair.