mercredi 18 octobre 2017

Wrestling with light

For a year now i've been working on 2 monitors that give me quite different outputs, one being much brighter and vibrant, the other more tonaly neutral.  Its a boon and a curse, allowing me to check what an image might look like on your side, with different screens - while at the same time confusing me about what my /real/ image is.
Legibility is the word here: if the image is readable in its details, i'm fine with it.
Here is an example from Resolve:

the scene is supposed to be /in the dark/ but how much can you make of the Ella character. So i came up with a much brighter version:

Which will be readable on most monitors.

I really like playing with light, and i'm still learning how to control it. I hope you enjoy the results and forgive my blunders.