jeudi 29 septembre 2016

slow month

So there was this article published on Letagparfait. At the time of the QnA with Le Serbe, i did a few images of the *interview* that had remained unpublished. here they go:

dimanche 25 septembre 2016


So the computer cooling thingy died for good. 1 month went by & i was sorely missing the machine, the girls & the works.
But we're back, piecing the 2nd (toy) ending and figuring out the setting of the second image set.

mercredi 24 août 2016


i've found a nice lil plug in for daz that lets me know the size of stuff.
Now i know that Cyprine stands 1m71 tall, that her bust is 83cm and 45 something mm, her hips 88cm and 89 mm of goodness : ah science ! she can truthfully say she aint 89 cm hip wide !
Now i wondered how all those metrics could tell me her bra size. (the plug-in actually does give a letter as i discovered later).
Did you know that there is no unified system for those apparel. I kind of did, vaguely.
Its crazy out there, you got to know in which country you're ordering your bra girl. *sigh*
In anycase, here are the results:
Bra Size
For US: Size: 32 inches* Cup: E
For UK: Size: 32 inches Cup: DDD or F
For Other EU Countries: Size: 70 centimeters Cup: B
For Australia and New Zealand: Size: dress size 10 Cup: DDD or F

dimanche 21 août 2016

setting the frame

+ new QnA logic should allow for a more flexible game - at least on my scripting side.
+ added an Xtra topic that will consist of wild cards, usable once, either good or bad, adding some banter to the QnA flow.

jeudi 18 août 2016


Along with the script editing, i'm working on improving the QnA system, hopefully providing more *gameplay* if any :)
Also thought to include a second image set that would feel more online, in situ, grainy. maybe Cyprine could pop by the room & say hi !

mardi 16 août 2016


The lil game progresses, the *code* gets messier everyday as i discover new stuff in ue4, images get done... The logic of the (minimalist) gameplay is done, i still need to write down more questions / answers - and please do post me any question you want to ask her ! an Option panel would be good too. Expect test build soon. Now that i think of it, i havent found a name yet...

As to manage your expectations: i'm using ue4 but there wont be 3d models - im using images that ive rendered *as usual*. There're a few reason to that, the main one being this excercise is for me to learn the blueprint scripting of ue4. Once i'm a bit more familiar with it, i'll work on getting the girls (3d models) in - i kind of know how it works but i've still plenty to learn towards optimizing UVs, setting the materials...

Enough rambling, back to work !