jeudi 18 janvier 2018


here is side by side a 5000 samples render (about 30 minutes) & a 32000 samples render (some 4 or 5 hours).
5000 samples 32000 samples

The 32k is a bit less grainy, its still not as nice as i'd like; plus those long rendering hours dont fit the bill in the making of a set for me.
This is why i need a second machine to render while i would keep on working with my main workstation *sigh*
In any case, i'll keep on working the set, it's just probably gonna take a lot longer than i had hope for a release. And if i want a second machine, i need to release sets... so i'll be working on a smaller scope stuff to in parallel that i can put in store before spring.

mardi 16 janvier 2018

heart in the night

more testing with volumetric fog.
this one looks a lot better (in terms of grainy-ness) but it took a 7 hours rendering.
i'll need to check with a scene from Resolve, overnight, if it reduces the grain the same way, or if its an entierly different problem.

jeudi 4 janvier 2018

how about...

reworking the lighting of Resolve, i'm trying to play the film noir feel.
here is the previous version next to the reworked one:


new version:

i'm not yet done with the volumetric fog but i like this new look that fits my idea of the narrative.
next will be to fit Ella in all this dark mess without loosing her in the shadows...